You want your HDB living room décor to tell a good story, but you are limited due to budget constraints and don’t know how to choose the best interior design firm in Singapore? Decorating a HDB living room on a budget doesn’t have to be a burdensome or disheartening adventure. It can be a rewarding home improvement project. Some of the most welcoming and attractive living room designs are created on a budget. Don’t let money keep you from the living room design of your dreams. For some practical tips on how to decorate a living room on a budget, follow these suggestions. Your creativity and ingenuity are the two most important characters in a good living room story.

Layering a Living Room on a Budget

When it comes to real estate, the key words are location, location, and location. When it comes to affordable living room design, the key words are layering, layering, and layering. Layering pillows and throws is a great way to create a dramatic and influential living room design on a budget. You should always layer pillows and throws in places where they will be seen, felt, and appreciated. The great part about layering pillows and throws in a living room is the fact that each decorative element doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find accent pillows and throws at most thrift stores, reuse stores, and discount stores in your neighborhood. Even garage sales and yard sales offer a wide variety of inexpensive pillows and throws that can be used for layering. Decorating a living room is an eye-popping experience when you choose to make layering a major decorative element.

Arranging Collectibles in a Fashionable Way

Clutter is useless, but organized design is profitable. A huge part of decorating on a budget depends upon your ability to visualize and ingeniously create ways to arrange your furnishings in a fashionable manner. Style isn’t dependent upon financial prosperity. You can have tons of decorative style that can be fashionably displayed on a limited budget. To properly arrange collectibles or home accessories, balance weight values around the room. In other words, mix and match a few items according to size, height and weight. Asymmetrical arrangements are eye appealing and creative. For example, a large bowl on a coffee table can complement two tall floor candlesticks on the other side of the room if the colors and textures blend. These collectibles can be purchased at garage sales and thrift stores for a dollar or two each. Remember, it isn’t the number of collectibles that you have but the arrangement that makes for a decorative style on a budget.

Painting Designs on a Living Room Wall is Inexpensive

A favorite decorative technique that is so affordable requires the simple painting of geometric figures on the wall. For example, you can paint three one foot symmetrical squares on the wall above your sofa table or fireplace. Then, you can paint a white border around the two end squares and paint a white circle on the inside of the middle square. For even more drama, you can choose colors that complement your accessories and furniture. Geometric designs, floral patterns, and eclectic designs can provide you with a unique living room design that is practical and affordable. Decorating a living room on a budget can be an affordable home improvement project when you use layering, arranging, and painting as valuable decorative contributions.