Digital Ocean Company started their hosting operation in 2011 with a goal to provide the best cloud hosting to their clients. They may be new in the hosting industry but they have already proved that they can compete with other leading providers.

Digital Ocean’s co-founder Mitch Wainer said that developing the company was never an easy process. They went through a lot of draw backs before settling to a perfect VPS server hosting. They want to make sure that their services will not compromise their reputation and the client’s website. With a starting price of 5 dollars a month and with incredible inclusions, they knew that their packages and features will be a hit.

The practicality of the company’s concept of hosting was proven when independent companies such as Net craft knew that Digital Ocean was making a huge move to enter the hosting industry. Between the six months period of December-June 2012, Digital Ocean’s subscribers increased over 50 percent, growing rapidly as expected. After a year, the company received an award of being one of the world’s largest hosting providers in the market.

I usually don’t write reviews for hosting services and companies since I know there were a lot of people made it. But when I started using Digital Ocean hosting, I thought that it would be best to write an unbiased and detailed review about their services. I started out using their shared hosting to try out their performance, then after enjoying it, I switched to dedicated server then later on tried their VPS server, cloud hosting which they claimed they’re good at.

Digital Ocean’s hosting services have come a very long way just to make it to the top. They even offer a free 2 months of hosting on Digital Ocean just to get the attention of the possible users. Good thing about the company is that they make sure that their services will not be a problem to every website.

What makes the company unique is that they are not only offering cheap and affordable VPS services, they also provide fast, consistent and reliable hosting features to help users with their hosting needs. I highly recommend Digital Ocean for your website.